Travel advice

At the Big Wheel we want to help you to make your journeys quicker, cheaper and easier. Think about these 3 things and see if you could be saving money and saving time too!

1. Are you on the cheapest ticket for your journey?

Plan ahead and check with your local transport operators to find the best ticket option for you – whether you’re travelling in a group or alone, making a regular or one-off journey, make sure you have the right ticket for your needs.

2. Do you need to travel?

Swapping to home working just one day a week and make a huge annual saving, it will also help to reduce stress and get a little time back in your day.

3. Be connected

Do you get 2 buses to work? Could one of those journeys be made on foot? Walking just 30 minutes a day is shown to reduce stress levels and increase health. ┬áSometimes it’s easy to think leaving the car at home is too much hassle, but it’s often surprising how easy it is to hop on and off transport in Nottingham.

Find out more

Browse our ‘change your travel’ section for more information on each type of transport, or use our planning tools to explore new routes. If you need help with your journey planning choices why not visit us at one of our events?

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