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Podcasts – Introduction

The Big Track Podcast is an audio tour about the past, present and the future of the canal side Trent Valley region. Presented by Tom Whalley and Chris Matthews, the podcast features history and interviews with the people who use the area. It is accompanied by a soundtrack featuring local bands and artists: The Soundcarriers, Nina Marley, Spaceships Are Cool and Yunioshi.


You will need some podcast software such as iTunes, Juice, Doppler or alternative, installed on you computer in order to download the Big Track podcasts.

You need to add the “feed” of the podcast to your software. The feed is just the address of the podcast, which the software will use to download the audio content. Simply click on the “download podcast” link under each description to subscribe to the podcast. The feed address will appear in the address bar of your internet browser. It will be similar to:


You will need to copy this feed address and paste it into your podcast software. How you do this will depend on your software, but you should look out for buttons or links that say “Add” or “Subscribe”.

Alternatively you can just download the MP3 of each podcast directly to listen on your computer or MP3 player. Simply click the “download MP3” link under each podcast description.

Nottingham Canal Wharfs

Taking you through an old industrial landscape from the canal wharfs by the Evening Post building to Turneys Quay on the banks of the Trent. Andy Smart from Bygones reveals how the canal came to Nottingham.
Download Podcast – Nottingham Canal Wharfs »
Download MP3 – Nottingham Canal Wharfs »

Trent Bridge & Victoria Embankment

A walk through a Victorian promenading landscape, looking at the ancient medieval causeway and the English north-south divide. The librarian at Trent Bridge Cricket ground, Peter Wyn-Thomas tells us how cricket came to the Trent.
Download Podcast – Trent Bridge & Victoria Embankment »
Download MP3 – Trent Bridge & Victoria Embankment »

West Bridgeford, The Meadows & Wilford

Chris and Tom take us from the planned suburban landscape of West Bridgford to the worst pair of sculptured trousers in England. Erin McDaid from Notts Wildlife Trust tells us what wildlife we can look out for on Big Track.
Download Podcast – West Bridgeford, The Meadows & Wilford »
Download MP3 – West Bridgeford, The Meadows & Wilford »

Beeston Weir and Clifton Hall

Featuring one of the world’s best eco destinations and one of Nottinghamshire’s most famous families. Chris talks to historian Adrian Woodhouse about Fish Friday and David Turner from Nottinghamshire Anglers Association.
Download Podcast – Beeston Weir and Clifton Hall »
Download MP3 – Beeston Weir and Clifton Hall »

Boots and Players

Local industry becomes global: Julian Owen describes some of Nottingham’s world class modern architecture, while Players Pensioners club talk about the city’s industrial past.
Download Podcast – Boots and Players »
Download MP3 – Boots and Players »

Nottingham Castle

The final episode which takes us past folk art in Lenton, canal boat enthusiasts and Castle Boulevard. Finally, Richard Rutherford-More talks to Chris about the real story behind Nottingham castle.
Download Podcast – Nottingham Castle »
Download MP3 – Nottingham Castle »

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