Route planning

Most walking routes don’t need to be planned as they are typically shorter journeys in an area you are familiar with.

Urban walking routes

If you’re planning to build a walk into your commute by getting off the bus or tram a stop earlier, then use the Traveline East Midlands planner to build in your walk.

To plan a walking route between A and B, there’s a great online tool by WalkIt which helps you plan routes through urban areas. There are suggested walks and they also provide a phone app so that you can take your route with you.

The Big Track around Nottingham provides a safe car-free route through the city centre, and many of the maps on this site offer walking routes across the city and county.

Countryside walking routes

The Ramblers’ Association have a range of routes for you to try, or check out our maps section for some great tracks around Nottinghamshire. Many pass by areas of natural or historical significance and as they are pre-planned for you it couldn’t be easier to get out and about on foot.

Trams, trains and cars

Using the train, tram or car to get you to the starting point of your walk means that you can explore areas further afield and enjoy all that Nottinghamshire has to offer. Visit our maps section to explore the routes available and their local transport links.

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