Get walking

Walking is great for your health and the environment and of course it is free!  Try leaving the car at home for those short trips to the shops or get off the bus a couple of stops early on your way into work. As well as keeping in trim, you’ll be helping the environment, saving money and building some regular exercise into your day. 

Walking for 20 minutes  uses as much energy as 17 minutes  weight training. And it’s much, much  more fun than pumping iron. You can  cover 3-4 miles an hour by walking  briskly – and by doing just half of that  you’ll be getting the recommended  daily amount of exercise needed to  keep you healthy.

The County Council organises Walk Week each year with a programme of events to celebrate walking – including Walk to Work week.

Most of the cycling maps and route are also suitable for walkers – check out our maps section for more details, or plan your own journey.

Safety when walking

Our top tips for staying safe whilst out and about on foot.

Route planning

Here're our top tools for planning urban and countryside walking routes.
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