Tram stops

When you use the tram you can park at any of the tram’s five Park and Ride sites free of charge.  The sites are open from 6am until 1pm, and are patrolled by staff as well as being monitored by CCTV. All sites have designated parking for disabled customers.

All other tram stops along the route are equipped with real time displays so that you can easily tell how long you have to wait for your ride.

You can find the Park and Ride sites at:

  • Hucknall near junction 27 of the M1 – nearly 450 parking spaces
  • Phoenix Park next to junction 26 of the M1 – over 650 parking spaces
  • Moor Bridge close to Bulwell and Bestwood – over 100 parking spaces
  • Wilkinson Street just off Nottingham’s ring road – over 600 parking spaces
  • The Forest on Nottingham’s inner ring road – over 950 parking spaces

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