Cycling and trains

Many stations provide bike racks for you to leave your bicycle secured.  To find out the facilities at your local station check out our station facilities page.

If you’re travelling from Nottingham Train Station you can secure your bike at one of the Citycard Cycle Hubs.

Taking your bike on the train

There is no charge to take an accompanied bike on the train, but as space is restricted you may need to make a cycle reservation. Some train companies also restrict the times at which you can bring a bike on the train. Check this out in advance so that you aren’t left on the platform whilst your train glides away into the distance.

For the latest information from each of our local train companies please check out their latest advice.

East Midlands Trains

Cross Country

East Coast

Folding bikes

Folding bikeFolding bikes are popular with train users due to their size once folded. It makes it much easier to carry and stow on a train, and doesn’t require a cycle reservation.  A folding bike is just that, it pivots and folds into a small package that is easier and lighter to lift than a traditional bicycle.

Because of this it is regarded as normal carry-on luggage by our local train operators and won’t need a cycle reservation.  Folding bicycles are available from most bike stores and online retailers.

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