Motorbike safety

Efforts are continually being made to reduce motorbike accidents in and around Nottingham, with a number of initiatives  in place.

A Motorcycle Forum has been established with the main aims of making motorcycling in Nottinghamshire safer and more convenient. The forum is an equal partnership between the County Council and local riders, with meetings take place every three months at different locations around the County. Find out more here.

The Shiny Side Up Partnership involves Police forces and highway authorities throughout the East Midlands, with the aim of reducing the numbers of motorcycle-related deaths and injuries in the region. More information about the resources available to motorcyclists can be found on the Shiny Side Up website.

The Bare Bones Project caters to younger riders (aged 16-19) and focuses on the safety benefits of wearing protective clothing.

Further information about motorbike safety in Nottinghamshire can be found on Nottinghamshire County Council’s website.

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