Two wheels can be better than four for getting around Greater Nottingham. Small motorcycles produce fewer emissions and use less fuel than the average car, making for a greener single-occupancy journey.

Electric scooters and bikes

If you’re looking for a more environmentally friendly alternative to motorcycles, there is a range of companies selling electric scooters out there.  There are no carbon emissions from these scooters, so by using one you’ll be helping to reduce your impact on the environment.  If you need some ideas of where to find electric scooters – and more information about their benefits – try E-City Wheels or Elecscoot.

Motorbike safety

What is Nottingham doing to improve safety for motorbike users?
The Sustainable Travel Collective is an Investor in the Environment committed to reducing their environmental impact and to the continual improvement of environmental performance. The Sustainable Travel Collective Ltd - Registered Charity number 1153800.