Bike maintenance

Before you set off, make sure that your bike is in good working order, checking your brakes in particular. The front break should hold the front wheel still even if you try to move the bike forward and the back brake should do the same for the back wheel. You should also check your lights are working if you will be cycling at night.

It’s worth checking your chain on a weekly basis, cleaning and oiling it as necessary. You’ll also need to check your tyres, putting extra air in if they need it.

Dr Bike

If you’re heading to a Big Wheel event we will normally have Dr Bike on hand to make sure that your bike’s in good working order. We offer a free bike repair service at most of our events, so bring along your bikeand let Dr Bike work his magic!

Bike repair kit

Basic bicycle repair kits are available to buy from a range of shops, but for some added tips on what to take with you, and how you might deal with emergency repairs check out our top tips.

Learn to maintain your own bike

Would you know how to fix a puncture, change a tyre or adjust your brakes?   Help is at hand, because our partners Ridewise offer bike maintenance courses for people in Nottinghamshire.  They’re free of charge in some neighbourhoods, so get in touch to find out more, or check out the simple Sustrans guide to bike maintenance.

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