School Run

SCP crossingWe understand that ensuring children arrive at school safely and on time is a big concern for families these days  and is often the journey that families find most stressful.

Here are our top tips to ease the stress of the school run:

1. Share the journey –  take turns with another family in your community.

2. Walk – Young people starting secondary school are less likely to be involved in road accidents if they have previous experience of walking to school.  Prepare them for the transition to secondary school.

3. If you’d like to cycle to work but need to make a school drop off first, consider whether it’s possible to keep your bike at school. Walk to school, drop the children off and pick up the bike for your ride to work.

4. Cycle to school as a family – our partners at Ridewise provide cycle training for everyone. Take a few lessons to increase road awareness.

5. Take the bus or tram – using public transport saves you money and saves congestion.

6. Allow a little extra time for the ‘just in case’ factor an extra 10 minutes can mean you are ready for any congestion or a trip back home for that forgotten lunchbox!

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