Enterprise City Car Club

Greener, Cheaper Motoring with City Car Club

Discover a smarter way to travel

Pay as you go motoring has come to Nottingham! Enterprise Car Club is a low cost, hassle free, hourly car hire scheme. It’s a great alternative to car ownership and traditional car hire.

The scheme provides greener transport options for local residents and aims to reduce the need for people to use personal vehicles to travel around Nottingham.  The introduction of a car club strengthens Nottingham’s already successful integrated transport network and help to reduce congestion, parking issues and carbon emissions.

Did you know that a car club car saves on average 1.392 tonnes of carbon per year? That’s equivalent to 6,992 loads of washing!

Have a think about how much you use your car… perhaps you’re paying for a car you don’t drive too often?  If this is the case, Enterprise Car Club is a great solution and you could save up to £3,500 a year on your motoring costs as they pick up the bill for fuel, insurance, servicing and road tax.  It’s also for those of you who don’t already own a car but would like easy access to one at a moments notice.

Enterprise Car Club enables you to hire vehicles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  You can hire one for as little as half an hour, an hour, a day, or as long as you need – you only pay for the time you use.  And to make life easy, the vehicles are accessed with a smart-enabled membership card.

Once you’ve registered you can reserve a car online or by phone, day or night and even last minute!  There are designated parking bays just for you, simply return it to where you picked it up from. It’s simple – reserve it, jump in and drive off!

The vehicles, which include Toyota Auris Estate and Toyota Yaris Hybrid, are based in parking bays in convenient locations – close to transport links, where you work and where you live.

There is a commitment to increase the number of vehicles and locations at which they are available to hire. To request additional locations and for a map of current locations visit Enterprise Car Club Nottingham.

Join the club and start saving

Forget car insurance and fuel expenses – Enterprise Car Club offer affordable hourly rates and low mileage charges, with individual membership costs at £60 per year.  Fuel, tax, maintenance and comprehensive insurance is covered.  All you need to do is the driving! On top of that, Nottingham members have the benefit of accessing over 700 Enterprise Car Club vehicles in other cities across the UK.


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