Car users

If you’re using your car – or if you’re car sharing, there are ways that car journeys can become cheaper and greener.


Car sharing

Journeys are cheaper and more fun when shared, so why not give it a go?

Greener driving

Make a few changes to how and when you drive to save fuel and money. Fuel efficient eco-driving, hybrid vehicles and joining a car club are covered here.

Advanced driving

Learn to be more considered in your driving and make are roads safer places to be.

Enterprise City Car Club

Greener, cheaper motoring with City Car Club Nottingham

Route planning – Car

Plan your journey in advance using these handy tools.

School Run

Our top tips to take the stress out of the school run.


The low-down on parking in Nottingham city centre.


Where to find real-time travel news and information on planned roadworks.


Our top tips for using taxis - Hackney Carriages and private hire vehicles.
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