Workplace Challenge

The Big Wheel’s Workplace Challenge was a campaign that inspired businesses based in Nottingham to get more active by changing the way they travelled. A package of support, resources and incentives were provided by us and partners Sustrans and the activity was funded through Nottingham City Council’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF).

We all know that active travel like walking, running and cycling helps us get fitter and feel less stressed but it also helps the environment by reducing carbon emissions, congestion and improving air quality.

The 2015 Challenge ended on 7th August with impressive results. 827 individuals from over 74 businesses took part in the Challenge

During the Challenge participants managed to clock up 19,748 sustainable journeys! That’s an incredible 91,446 miles, 5,193,030 calories burned and £9,897.15 saved.

The winners of the 2015 Big Wheel Workplace Challenge were:
Best performing small team – BROOKS MAYFIELD AUDIT LIMITED
Best performing medium team – LOGOBRAND
Best performing large team – FUTURES ADVICE, SKILLS & EMPLOYMENT LTD

The winning businesses managed to get the most people in their workplace involved. Together they made 3,477 journeys, travelled 11,935 miles and saved 1,086 kg of CO2.

And the winners of the individual prizes were:
NICK HANDO – Most walking Journeys
SARAH KUEHNE – Most running journeys
NEIL BARRETT – Most cycling journeys

Here’s just some of what previous participants had to say:

“Since starting this, I have lost half a stone.”

“Cycled 110 miles around the peak district on Sunday climbing over 13000 feet, so that’s one more journey logged.”

“After running the London Marathon on Sunday I cycled into work today!”

“I’m not only sleeping better but I now feel more alert when I wake up in the morning and I’ve stopped hitting the snooze button.”

“Cycling to work is excellent when you can get there faster than using the car or bus.”

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