Ennterprise City Car Club

Greener Motoring with Enterprise Car Club

Discover a smarter way to drive your business.

Pay as you go motoring comes to Nottingham!  Enterprise Car Club is a low cost, hassle free, hourly car hire scheme supported by the Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF) and The Work Place Parking Levy.  It’s a great alternative to car ownership and traditional car hire, delivered in partnership with Enterprise Car Club, Britain’s largest independent car club, The Big Wheel and Nottingham City Council.  The scheme supports the Council’s plans to provide sustainable transport options for local businesses of all sizes.

The introduction of Enterprise Car Club will strengthen Nottingham’s already successful integrated transport network and help to reduce congestion, parking issues and carbon emissions.  Did you know that the UK car club fleet saves 2721 tonnes of carbon per year? That’s equivalent to 886 return flights from London to Sydney!

It’s a cost effective way for your employees to travel, with vehicles available to hire 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Nottingham business members also have access to over 700 Enterprise Car Club vehicles in other cities across the UK.  Low cost and hassle-free … you can save your businesses time and money by replacing company cars, taxis and pool cars.

“A car club can deliver a lower cost per mile than the equivalent grey fleet or pool car journey as well as significant time and cost savings arising from a reduction in business mileage.  Additionally, shifting from grey fleet to a car club can contribute towards meeting duty of care requirements and reduce your organisation’s environmental impact.” – Energy Saving Trust – Car Club Guide

Once your business is registered – you can reserve a car online or by phone to get you where you need to go.  Affordable hourly rates and low mileage charges – fuel, tax, maintenance and comprehensive insurance is covered.  All you’ll need to do is the driving!

For details of introductory special offers for businesses, including limited numbers of free memberships and drive time credit, tailored business packages and updates please visit www.citycarclub.co.uk

You can also view the  Enterprise Car Club Business Pack and the Car club business incentive application for further details.

Vehicles are available in designated parking bays in convenient locations close to your office, transport links and other businesses.  You can reserve in advance and even last minute – its simple – reserve it and use your card to drive off! View the location map here.

There is a commitment to increase the number of vehicles and locations at which they are available to hire. To request additional locations visit  Enterprise Car Club.

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City Cars emit 37% less CO2 than the average UK vehicle.






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