Walk to work

Walking is great for employee health and the environment and of course it is free!

It’s great for physical health

Just 30 minutes delivers the recommended daily amount of exercise needed to stay healthy. Not to mention the fact that walking reduces blood pressure, strengthens muscles and bones and helps weight loss. And that means reducing the chances of nasty illnesses such as heart disease, osteoporosis and diabetes.

It’s great for mental health

Walking actually reduces stress levels  because it releases lots of feel-good  chemicals called endorphins. This results in better sleep better  and, as blood pumps through the body faster, the brain will get  more oxygen helping clarity of thinking. So it’s not hard to see  how walking can help employees to cope  with stress and to take life’s little annoyances in their stride

How to encourage Walking

You can communicate the health benefits of walking to your employees as well as publicising journey planning tools and local maps 

Next steps

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