Cycle to work scheme

The cycle to work scheme is a way employees can buy a bicycle if they’re intending to use it to ride to work.  By being part of the Cycle to Work Scheme the employer is agreeing to pay the up front cost of the cycle and the employee repays it monthly through their salary. Find out more about the scheme and how to implement it.

The employee benefits because they don’t need to pay the up front costs and the monthly agreed repayments are taken directly from their salary, with 0% interest – therefore saving on tax and NI contributions.

The employer also benefits financially as there is a reduction in employers’ Class A National Insurance contribution.

Why encourage cycling?

As a business, by encouraging cycling you are also demonstrating your commitment to improving employee health and wellbeing. Other benefits include:

  • Making a contribution to reduce congestion
  • Relieving pressure on parking spaces
  • Enhancing your “green” credentials
  • Reducing business travel costs

How to encourage cycling

Make some small changes and improvements to the provision of cycle facilities and you will be making the prospect of cycling more appealing. Simple steps like installing showers, providing lockers and a changing area go a long way towards this. There may be grants available for you to carry out any works.

There are lots of easy ways to communicate straightforward journey planning to your employees.  You could provide links to some of the many resources available, both on-line and in terms of phone apps. See our Cycling page for some ideas.

Most people, including experienced cyclists would benefit from cycle instruction. Total beginners can be up and running in a matter of hours! Check out our cycle training pages for details of how your employees can access training – often this can be arranged free of charge.

See what some employees have to say here.

Next Steps

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