Public Transport

Nottingham’s award-winning public transport system is fully integrated and services over 70 million journeys each year.

Significant investment has been made to improve the transport infrastructure and with Phase Two of the tram system now well underway, the transport network is set to expand and get even better, acting as a catalyst for economic growth for the city.

The use of public transport gives benefits in terms of:

  • Reducing traffic congestion
  • Minimising pressure on parking resources
  • Improving employee health
  • Delivering cost savings
  • Raising awareness of the green agenda
  • Faster journey times
  • Reducing CO2 emissions

How to promote the use of Public Transport

Here are some of the ways in which you can make public transport more accessible:

  • Consider providing interest free loans to staff to enable them to purchase season tickets
  • Publish information on ticket types for buses trams and trains
  • Put some journey planners on  your intranet
  • Or link to our web page
  • Provide an information point on site
  • Appoint a “green champion”
  • Promote cost saving benefits of carsharing and cycling by publicising  calculators  to compare journeys

Next steps

Contact us – for innovative ideas and support or to set up a Green Travel Roadshow. Or, you could check out current ticketing deals




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