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welcome to the Big Wheel Business Club

The Big Wheel Business Club is a free service to help Nottingham Businesses and employees find out how to make the most of Nottingham’s award winning public transport system and it’s full range of travel options including walking and cycling.  

There is a wide range of services available, both online and face to face to support businesses in saving time, money, impact on the environment and improving health.

About the Business Club

The Big Wheel Business Club is free and we can provide you with lots of free support to start your travel planning activities.

How we can help

Quick and easy ways to save time and money.

Workplace Parking Levy

What is the WPL, and how can you minimise your liability?

Travel advice for employees

What can individuals do to make their journeys cheaper, greener and healthier?

Workplace Challenge

The Big Wheel’s Workplace Challenge was a campaign that inspired businesses based in Nottingham to get more active by changing the way they travelled. A package of support, resources and incentives were provided by us and partners Sustrans and the activity was funded through Nottingham City Council’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF). We all know […]
The Sustainable Travel Collective is an Investor in the Environment committed to reducing their environmental impact and to the continual improvement of environmental performance. The Sustainable Travel Collective Ltd - Registered Charity number 1153800.