Working towards Investors in the Environment

The Big Wheel, RideWise and TravelRight are proud to be working towards the Investors in the Environment Scheme (iiE).

The scheme supports businesses by helping them to improve their energy efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of their organisation.  It helps to identify opportunities to reduce wasted energy and it promotes a greener, cleaner environment.  We are pleased to be an active part of this nation-wide scheme and so far we have:

Switched to recycled paper and have reduced the volume of marketing materials that we print, opting for social media and online channels where appropriate

  • Switched to more environmentally friendly ink supplier – they will plant a tree for each £100 we spend
  • Installed radiator reflectors
  • Installed “water hippos”
  • Installed motion sensors on office lighting
  • Installed extension leads to automatically shut down devices when they’re not in use
  • Specified the purchase of fair traded tea, coffee and sugar

We already encourage the use of sustainable transport and are a member of the City Car Club, which provides low emission and electric cars for short term hire – such as business use.  We are a major deliverer of cycling support services in the area and are a member of the Cycle to Work Scheme.  In addition, we use a low carbon transport provider/courier to transport all of our materials, equipment and bikes to events and activities, reducing our impact on the environment.

During the next year we aim to:

  • Reduce our gas and electricity and water useage – by careful monitoring and reporting
  •  Further reduce our paper and ink consumption
  • Implement policies on environmental awareness, ethical purchasing and guidelines to drivers
  • Reduce our overall carbon footprint by exploring opportunities for tree planting in the community
  • Ensure our customers and contractors are kept up to date with our progress

 We hope that by 2016 we will be a fully accredited member of the iiE scheme.  For more information about the scheme visit:


The Sustainable Travel Collective is an Investor in the Environment committed to reducing their environmental impact and to the continual improvement of environmental performance. The Sustainable Travel Collective Ltd - Registered Charity number 1153800.