Be Bright Be Seen this winter

However you choose to move around this winter, it’s vital that you’re visible to other road users.  This is particularly important to vulnerable groups like walkers and cyclists.

There’s lots of information available to support safe winter cycling and walking.  You can download our RideWise Advice Sheet here.  It gives you lots of tips on how to prepare for the winter months and to keep safe while you’re out.  Nottinghamshire Police have some great tips to keep you safe too.

We love this children’s game – it’s called Be Bright Be Seen and it’s been produced by the Department for Transport.  It’s a really easy way to get children engaged and interested in road safety.

Lastly, check out our video.  It’s 1min and 48 seconds of advice that could make a massive difference to you this winter.  If you need any more information then get in touch and we’d be happy to help.

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