Sustainable Travel Collective wins £100,000 contract for community cycle centres!

Nottingham City Council has awarded over £100,000 to the Sustainable Travel Collective (STC) – the charity that manages the Big Wheel, RideWise and TravelRight projects – as part of the Department of Transport’s Access Fund. The aim is to give local residents close to the main city cycling corridors the encouragement, knowledge, training and opportunity to start cycling and use their bikes more often.

The project will set up a series of community cycle centres and will operate until 2020. The centres will deliver free services such as bike checks, cycle training, group rides, family cycling and walking activities and much more!

“The community cycle centre programme is something that we’re thrilled to be involved in – we’re looking forward to developing a wide-reaching package of free support that will help communities to get onto their bikes, safely use the new corridors, improve their health and wellbeing, get better access to work and learning opportunities and have a cheap way of travelling as part of their daily regime.  Nottingham is a great place to travel by bicycle and want to help our communities to explore their area safely and confidently by bike. We have over 15 years of experience in running cycling programmes and we’re excited to be involved in this project” – said Gary Smerdon-White, Chief Executive.

We are delighted to be able to continue to help people to move to greener forms of transport.  Watch out for more information soon.


The Sustainable Travel Collective is an Investor in the Environment committed to reducing their environmental impact and to the continual improvement of environmental performance. The Sustainable Travel Collective Ltd - Registered Charity number 1153800.